How to Download and Save The Company Generated YouTube Video Files

We automatically create a video for all of our active listing properties that contain at least 5 photos, 5 days after the property comes through to us from the MLS. This video is posted to YouTube and an email similar to the sample below is sent out notifying you that the video is complete and that it has been posted. The email also contains links to download a branded and unbranded version of the actual video file (highlighted in red in the sample below) and a link to view the video on YouTube (highlighted in blue in the sample below).

Instructions for downloading these video files are listed below the sample email.


Hello, This is an automated notification from Johnstone & Johnstone's YouTube video posting system to alert you that your video is available for viewing and downloading for ML# 31051621 - 773 WHITTIER in Grosse Pointe Park at the following link:

As a service to you, we automatically create these slide shows and post to YouTube after a few weeks of a listing being active, if it has at least 5 photos attached. Your listing should now appear on You can search by address to find and review if needed. This is only done once for new listings and thus if the pictures change, we are not able to recreate and post the video. If the price changes, because that is not inside of the video, that change will be posted but will take a few weeks due to YouTube update restrictions.

If you would like the video file itself, you may download it at - if you would like the file without the branding slides at the end, you may download it at

When it loads on your computer, go to File then Save Media As. to save the video to your computer. To get instructions on how to upload the video to some of the more common sites, you can view Scott's Tech Tip here:

Thank you,
Your Real Estate One Family of Companies Technology Staff

To use the video files that are sent to you through the auto YouTube video system, you will first need a video player that is capable of playing .avi video files. Divx is a free player that’s available online. Just go to to download and install the player.

Once the player is installed, choose the branded or unbranded link to the video file from the email that you receive by clicking on it if it appears as a clickable link or by copying and pasting it into your browser window and choosing enter on your keyboard.   You will be prompted to decide where you would like the file to be saved. Save it to your Desktop or to any other easily accessible folder on your computer.

When the download is complete, you should be able to play the video by double clicking on it and the Divx player should display the video without a problem.

With the file now available on your computer, you can upload it to your own personal YouTube page by following the instructions in the Uploading Videos To YouTube tutorial. You can attach a link to the video on YouTube to your listings as the virtual tour and you may also upload these video files directly to your listings on if you are a Showcase Listings member.